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Nabl is a tool which collects clients reviews directly in the shops, before the customers leave the place.


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Lyon, France

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Terms & Conditions

Version of April 12, 2018

The following terms and conditions define how the company MA CLIENTELE, 20 Bd Deruelle, 69003 Lyon, Société par Actions Simplifiée, capital of 13 122 euros, registered under the number 818 368 128 in Lyon, France, called « the Company », collects customers reviews:

1: Definitions

Review: an evaluation, both with a note and a text of the satisfaction of a customer, following his experience of a place, a service, or a product.

Forbidden content: a review given by a customer, which would contain: forbidden words, violence, insults; or would clearly not be in relation with the venue or product; or would come from a fraudulent IP address, or would contain URLs.

Experience’s date: the date the customer experienced the venue or used the product.

Right of reply: The Company offers the possibility to its Clients to answer the reviews.

Moderation: The Company can decide to delete a review which would contain forbidden content.

2: Acceptation

2.1 The Customer giving a review accepts the current terms & conditions. A link allows him to access it while giving a review.

2.2 The terms & conditions are accepted fully and completely by the Customer and the Client.

3: Review Collection

3.1 Following his experience, a Customer can give a review using, either a tablet, a mobile phone, scanning a QR code, or automatically receiving a text message.

3.2 During the review collection, the Customer will provide:

  • A note from 1 to 5,
  • A mobile phone number

And can also provide (not mandatory)s:

  • Notes from 1 to 5 regarding other criterias,
  • A commented review,
  • Answer to other types of questions (multi-choice, date of birth, etc).

The following data are automatically calculated:

  • Date and time of experience,
  • Address of the Client, or Name of the Product.

3.3 The Customer, by giving a review, assures that he personally can rates the venue or the product, based on its own experience.

3.4 Multiple Reviews: a Customer can give a maximum of 1 review every 15 days regarding the same venue or product.

3.5 Once the form is validated on the tablet, the customer receives a text message, which validates the existence of a real person.

4: Use of collected reviews

4.1 The collected reviews can be used in different ways :

  • only for internal use, without being available online,
  • with an online certificate, with a specific URL,
  • indexed by Google, and possibly visible on the Google My Business page of the place.

The Client is free to share his online certificate on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter,…

4.2 The Customer cannot choose on which website his review will be published, but can asks for his review to be deleted, by sending a mail to the Company, with the date and time of his review, his phone number, and the place or product concerned.

5: Moderation, and right of reply

5.1 Reviews containing forbidden contents or being in violation of the current terms & conditions, will be deleted without further notice.

5.2 The Client can ask the Company to moderate a review. The request will be addressed within 14 days.

5.3 The Client can answer the Customer, using the online interface, or mobile phone application of the Company. The Client cannot access any data about the Customer, the answer is being sent automatically by text message or by email.

The content of the messages between the Client and the Customer cannot engage the responsibility of the Company.

6: Customer responsibility

6.1 The content of a review engages the responsibility of the customer, which cannot give a fraudulent review or write forbidden content.

6.2 If the Company decides to moderate or delete a review, the Customer cannot oppose this decision.

6.3 The Company cannot be held responsible for the content of the reviews.

7: Intellectual Property

7.1 The algorythms, softwares, databases, texts, images, logos, etc… used on the interface of the Company, are protected by intellectual property.

7.2 Anyone, reproducing, distributing, using, any of the materials, in any form, and without limitations, without the company’s consent, will be held responsible of intellectual property infringement, and will be sued accordingly.

8: Company address

Mail can be sent to the Company to the following address:

MA CLIENTELE, 20 Bd Eugène Deruelle, 69003 Lyon, France

9: Personal data

Accordingly to the French law, n° 78-17 (6th January 1978) modified, the Client and the Customer are informed that all the private data collected, will be stored for 1 year.

Accordingly to the law « informatique et libertés » (6th January 1978) modified, the Customer can access and modify all the data collected about him, by sending a mail to the address above.

10: Applicable law and jurisdiction

The current terms and conditions fall under French laws.

The court of law used for any litigation, of any kind, is the one of Lyon, France.