Nabl - Collect, manage, and spread your client’s satisfaction

Nabl is a tool which collects clients reviews directly in the shops, before the customers leave the place.


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Lyon, France

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Bring back dialogue and love in your customer relationship

Do not lose
your angry customers

If someone is dissafistied, he can describe his problem, and you will get a chance to give an explanation. This is a chance for you to make him come back, and we will not spread his anger with an eternal reviews, on platforms such as Trip Advisor, Yelp...

... and get
new ones!

Your client’s reviews on Google make your company more visible. The people who are looking for companies like yours will see the stars given by your customers, and it will convince them to come to you rather your competitors next door.

Make your customers
more loyal

For each review, you get the client’s details (first name, mobile number). Our tool makes it very easy to send an text message campaign to your clients, and generate additionnal sales.

Join our client’s,
they all want to improve their services
and their online reputation

They love their clients, and they are doing a great job